Noise Pollution

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Has anyone noticed the car driving around Manningtree/Lawford that is constantly setting off banngers or a starting pistol?

I orriginally thought it might be the car backfiring but it's too loud for this and the bangs are timed to go off at certain places like under the railway bridge into town from the railway station.

Our house is situated very close to the bridge and the bang is enough to make anyone in the house jump with fright because it's so loud. If you're close enough you can also hear the childish laughing of kids inside the car as they go along setting the bangers off.

This happens about 3-4 times a day and at times up to midnight.

Can anyone suggest an appropriate course of action to tackle this problem that wouldn't be seen as just a grumpy old man finding something to complain about?

Another thing on a similar line, almost regular as clockwork Friday and Saturday night at 1:30, a group of about 5-10 lads on the way home from the pub, obviously drunk, hang around the same railway bridge for up to 45 minutes shouting, swearing and singing. They also play a dangerous game on the road under the bridge pretending to hold a rope across the road whenever a car passes.

Again, any other suggestions?

Many thanks in advance,